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Sewage Pumps

Though we don't think about our sewage pumps often, these devices are vital components of every residential property. Sewage pump systems make it possible for homeowners to safely dispose of waste without complications or delays, preventing costly issues like sewage buildup and clogging. With a new sewage basin in your home, you can experience all the benefits of these durable and efficient mechanisms.

Star Water Systems is your one-stop shop for residential water solutions. We carry a comprehensive selection of pumps, tanks and tools suited to serving all of your water delivery needs. Our high-quality assortment of cast iron sewage pumps will be sure to provide you with the value and efficiency you deserve.

What Is a Sewage Pump?

Sewage pumps are devices used to transfer waste from one location to another. These pumps utilize a specialized design that allows both liquid and solid sewage of up to 2 inches in diameter to pass through the system without clogging it. The purpose of these pumps is to remove water and waste from bathrooms and safely transfer it through the home's waste system.

Residential sewage pumps are installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin and push waste from the basin to the sewer system or septic tank. When you turn on the pump, the motor will rotate the impeller, generating the pressure needed to push the materials from the impeller to the discharge pipe.

Benefits, Features and Capabilities of Sewage Discharge Pumps

Sewage pumps from Star Water Systems have numerous design features and capabilities that will bring continued functionality and efficiency to your home. Our devices come with many benefits that will improve the overall functionality and efficiency of your sewage systems to ensure they continue serving you for years to come.


When you purchase a sewage lift pump for your home, you'll experience system performance and reliability like never before. Whether you're looking to improve waste flow, prevent pipe bursts or find a convenient solution for basement bathrooms, our sewage pumps are the answer. Some of the many benefits that come with residential sewage pump systems include:

  • Generating an even flow: Sewage pumps help move water and waste from the sewer line to the tank in a steady, even flow until they reach their intended destination.
  • Working quickly: With a sewage pump in your home, you can move up to hundreds of gallons of waste per minute, preventing slow clogs and inefficient material removal.
  • Eliminating waste buildup: Because sewage pumps move waste quickly and smoothly, they prevent sewage from building up in your system. 

Features and Capabilities

Cast iron sewage pumps from Star Water Systems come with many innovative features that you can't find anywhere else. With our arsenal of advanced elements, quality components and high-tech characteristics, our designs handle waste removal effortlessly. Some of the many capabilities and features of our sewage pumps include:

  • Carbon and ceramic seals for extended service life and reliable function.
  • Thermal overload feature for overheating prevention.
  • High-efficiency motor for better performance.
  • 15-inch waterproof power cord with grounded plug for extra protection.
  • Bottom suction inlet with vortex impeller to prevent clogging.
  • Cast iron design with epoxy coating for motor heat dissipation and longer life cycle.
  • Factory testing to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • One-year limited warranty for lasting coverage.

Why Choose Star Water Systems for Sewage Pump Systems?

At Star Water Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art water supply products that adhere to our values of reliability and performance. With over 150 years of dedicated services dating back to our founding in 1866, we continue to maintain our reputation as an experienced company that customers can trust. 

Our broad product selection includes dozens of residential devices, from water tanks and irrigation pumps to filters and water softeners. With so many high-quality solutions in our inventory, you can be sure to find a product that will serve your individual needs.

Purchase Sewage Transfer Pumps by Star Water Systems

Whether you're looking for sewage pumps, tanks, systems or basins, Star Water Systems is your go-to provider. We've served as a single source for home water supply solutions for over a decade and continue to hold ourselves to the same standards of quality and efficiency today. We are the solution to all of your residential water movement needs, from household water removal to residential turf irrigation to pond and water features and everything in between.

To learn more about our sewage discharge pumps, call us at 1-800-345-9422 or contact us online! We have multiple partnering dealers for your convenience.