SCPC01 Pool Cover Pump


Pool Cover Pump that removes water quickly and effectively.

SPCP02 Pool Cover Pump


Pool Cover Pump that removes water quickly and effectively.

025191 1.5 HP Single Speed Pool Pump


Heavy duty swimming pool pump.

148014 1 HP Single Speed Pool Pump


Heavy duty swimming pool pump.

What Is a Pool Pump?

Pool pumps are the heart of a swimming pool's circulation system, which transmits chemicals through the pool to sanitize its water supply. Pool water pumps contribute to the circulatory process by pulling water through the pool's main drain and skimmer, channeling it through a filter and transporting it back into the pool. These devices eliminate algae and debris while improving chemical success.

To operate, the pump's motor shaft delivers energy to the impeller, spinning the volute and increasing the water's velocity. As the water moves to the impeller's outer edge, it forms a vacuum. In response, the volute changes velocity, causing the water to travel through the plumbing system.

Benefits, Features and Capabilities of Automatic Pool Pumps

Star Water Systems has a dependable assortment of submersible pool pumps and pool cover pumps for sale that set the standard for durability and efficiency. Our pumps have many benefits and features that contribute to their high performance.


When your pool's circulation system is equipped with a heavy-duty pool pump, you can expect all of the following advantages:

  • Chemical circulation: Pool pumps promote efficient chemical circulation, helping to maintain a healthy balance throughout the pool and ensuring debris and other contaminants make it to the filter.
  • Microbial growth prevention: Submersible pool pumps help to cycle water through the filter, removing algae, bacteria and other microbes.
  • Swimming experience: When your pool is clean and free of bacteria and debris, you can experience a safer and more enjoyable swimming experience.

Features and Capabilities

Our swimming pool pumps offer many useful features you can take advantage of for your pool. You can choose from either our submersible pumps or pool cover pumps based on your individualized needs.

Submersible Pool Pumps

We offer two types of single-speed submersible pumps — the 025191 1.5 HP and 148014 1 HP pumps — with the following features:

  • Thermoplastic construction for corrosion-resistance
  • Heavy-duty motor for better performance
  • Dual voltage systems
  • One-year limited warranty

Pool Cover Pumps

Our SCPC01 pool cover pump comes with these capabilities:

  • Automatic water sensor technology
  • Easy connection to standard garden hoses
  • Check valve for efficient function
  • Versatility for removing water from pool or boat covers, spas, rooftops and window wells
  • Thermal protection
  • Two-year limited warranty 

Why Choose Star Water Systems for Heavy-Duty Pumps?

Star Water Systems has served as a reliable source for home improvement systems and residential water supply products since 1866. Today, we're still manufacturing some of the industry's highest quality water solutions over 150 years later.

We carry everything from sump pumps to utility pumps to basement sentry devices, giving you the products to suit all your residential water movement needs.

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