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Válvula de pie de plástico de 1″


  • Previene la pérdida de cebado en pozos de agua, piscinas, spas y sistemas de riego

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Válvula de retención de latón

024775 La válvula de retención de bomba de latón mantiene cebados los sistemas de agua de bombas de pozo sumergibles, centrífugas y de chorro.

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Válvula de pie de latón

148116 Mantiene los desechos fuera del sistema del pozo y ayuda a mantener el cebado.

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Válvula de retención de plástico

La válvula de retención de plástico resistente a la corrosión 148146 se puede usar en aplicaciones de bomba de chorro o bomba sumergible para evitar el reflujo a la bomba una vez que se apaga.

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Válvula de pie de plástico

148149 La válvula de pie de plástico se usa con bombas centrífugas y de chorro para filtrar desechos de lagos, pozos y estanques mientras se mantiene la bomba cebada.

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Check Valves

What Are Check Valves?

Check valves prevent backflow in a piping system by permitting water flow in one direction. The purpose of these devices is to keep the water in the pressure tank and in the column above the pump from emptying back into the well when the pump shuts off.

As liquid passes through the pipe, its pressure opens the pump check valve, while flow reversals close the valve. In helping the water system maintain pressure, check valves reduce the risk of backspin, upthrust and water hammer.

Plastic vs. Brass Check Valves

You can purchase either brass or plastic check valves, depending on your water movement needs. Each of these materials offers different advantages for your piping system.


Some of the many advantages of small plastic check valves include:

  • Chemical resistance: Plastic components are corrosion-resistant, enduring even the most acidic conditions.
  • Cost efficiency: Plastic check valves cost less than metal parts because they’re less expensive to produce and transport.
  • Ease of installation: Because plastic valves are lightweight, they are easy to handle and install.
  • Minimal maintenance: Due to their smooth surface and chemical resistance, these pump check valves are virtually maintenance-free.


Brass check valves also have numerous benefits, such as:

  • Water safety: Brass valves have lower lead content than other materials, making them safe for drinking water.
  • Durability: Brass is a highly robust material, with added zinc that makes it stronger than other metals. This material also has corrosion-resistant properties.
  • High temperature endurance: Well pump check valves made from brass can withstand extremely high water temperatures.

Purchase Check Valves at Star Water Systems Today

If you’re looking for a universal sump pump check valve that delivers performance and efficiency, Star Water Systems has what you need. We offer products that will be sure to meet your residential water movement needs.

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