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Home Improvement Systems

Home Improvement Systems

Upgrade Your Spaces

Many home improvement projects can make your life easier, including installing an automatic pump. These devices make it easy to manage your water flow and drainage around your home.

At Star Water Systems, we believe every homeowner should be comfortable in their space. That’s why we offer a wide range of home improvement systems for any project. We aim to get you the right pump for your needs with quality customer service and product options.

Drainmaker Wet Bar System- Discontinued

S1104 Automatic sink pump system allows you to install a drain almost anywhere for wet bars, sinks, softeners and can also be used as a laundry tray pump

View Product Drainmaker Wet Bar System- Discontinued

Fountain Pond Pump

SPS501 Produces water fountains up to 15 feet height and features a flotation system with UV resistant polyethylene float that will not water log.

View Product Fountain Pond Pump

Powerflush Optima

S2000 | S2002 This instant toilet system comes equipped with a 1/3 HP macerator pump.

View Product Powerflush Optima

Powerflush Optima Pro

S2004 | S2006 This instant toilet system comes equipped with a 1/2 HP grinder pump in round or elongated versions.

View Product Powerflush Optima Pro

STL001 Laundry Pump

STL001 Ideal for laundry tubs, utility sinks, basement bars, washing machines and applications where a gravity drain line is not available; this system eliminates the need for traps and vents.

View Product STL001 Laundry Pump
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Home Improvement Pumps from Star Water Systems

Star Water Systems is a leading manufacturer of pumps and systems for home improvement. We crafted our products to make your life easier, so you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful property. With the ability to handle a few gallons or thousands, you can rest assured that Star Water Systems has the solution to your water needs.

Our line of home improvement pumps includes:

  • Drainmaker Wet Bar System: With the Drainmaker Wet Bar System, homeowners can quickly put in a new drain almost anywhere. Take peace knowing you don’t need to break concrete or handle roughed-in plumbing during installation. This automatic sink pump will also allow you to install a drain for wet bars, sink, softeners, laundry trays and more!
  • Fountain Pond Pump: Enjoy a fountain in your backyard or business’ pond. The Star Fountain Pond Pump creates endless charm with a 15-foot water fountain. This easy-to-install fountain will light up and create an elegant waterscape with innovative patterns. This pond pump is an ideal option for residential and commercial use due to its energy-efficient design and “NightBright” lighting system.
  • Instant Toilet System: Star Water Systems’ Powerflush Optima instant toilet system is ideal for adding value by renovating bathrooms, garages and basements with a clean, modern look. This toilet tank and lid have standard and elongated bowl options that add depth and style to any bathroom. Installation is simple — it mounts directly to your floor. No plumbing or construction skills are necessary to get the job done!
  • Laundry Pump System: The STL001 Laundry Pump system works great with laundry tubs, utility sinks or locations where a gravity drain isn’t available. The careful design allows for automatic or manual operations, giving you the power to pull the lever whenever you want. This system features a powerful motor that makes it highly reliable and durable.
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Find Your Star Systems Home Improvement Pump Today!

Get your home improvement projects back on schedule with the home improvement pumps from Star Systems. With our line of home improvement pumps, you install the pump yourself and save time and money on finding the right option.

Our pumps are easy to install and use, so you’ll see results in no time. Whether your goal is to create ambiance with a simple pond fountain or to find a way to remodel your bathroom without complicated plumbing modifications, we carry the home improvement system for you.

Buy your home improvement pump system from any distributor you prefer. Order online through Lowe’s or on our Amazon store today!