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Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Clean Water is Softened Water

Water softeners are an easy way to improve the water in your home. At Star Water Systems, we base our product line on protecting your family and loved ones from contaminants in your water supply. We offer a variety of filters, systems and products designed to keep your home safe while providing you with peace of mind.

S07AF10 Whole House Automatic Filter

S07AF10 Whole-house automatic filter

View Product S07AF10 Whole House Automatic Filter

S07DC32DR Single Tank Metered Softener

S07DC32DR Single-tank, Deluxe cabinet-metered "DR" water softener

View Product S07DC32DR Single Tank Metered Softener

S07EC24 Economy Cabinet Water Softener

S07EC24 Economy cabinet water softener with multi-day timer

View Product S07EC24 Economy Cabinet Water Softener

S07FSDR Dual Tank Metered Softener

S07FS32DR, S07FS48DR. Dual-tank, metered water softener. Contact us for more information on our products today!

View Product S07FSDR Dual Tank Metered Softener

S07UF06C Undercounter Taste & Odor Filter

S07UF06C Deluxe, undercounter taste and odor filter

View Product S07UF06C Undercounter Taste & Odor Filter

S11TS32DR8 Tannin Removal System

S11TS32DR8 Tannin/hardness/iron removal systems

View Product S11TS32DR8 Tannin Removal System
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Water Softeners by Star Water Systems

At Star Water Systems, we use the latest technology to make our water softening systems easy to install and maintain. Our water softeners protect against hard water with trusted technology that eliminates harmful scale buildup.

No matter what system suits your needs, you can enjoy clean, soft drinking water without pollution. Find your perfectly matched water softener system in the well-rounded product lineup at Star Water Systems. Our inventory includes the following options.

Single Tank Softeners

Single Tank Metered Softeners are the perfect solution for those who have a small space and need to save water. Instead of using multiple gallons, this tank-metered softener can save up to 50% in salt and water by regenerating only when needed.

Dual Tank Softeners

The Dual Tank Metered Softener designed by Star Water Systems meets the needs of large families or households with multiple people. This model provides a constant flow of water during regeneration cycles. Other features include:

  • Removal of up to five PPM clear water iron.
  • A large salt storage capacity.
  • High-efficiency technology.
  • A ten-year warranty on mineral tank.

You can rest assured the dual tank metered softener will serve your household for years to come.

Economy Softeners

The Star Economy Cabinet Water Softener features a space-saving design with minimal maintenance. The fully automatic control valve allows you to automate your water treatment to match your needs.

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Whole House Filters

With the Whole House Automatic Filter, you can remove chlorine and chemicals from your water, making it healthier and safer overall. Spend less time cleaning your filters with the sediment-removing design while enjoying water free of taste and odor.

Taste and Odor Filters

The deluxe Undercounter Taste and Odor Filter can improve your home’s water quality and taste. Unlike other systems on the market, this option lasts up to three years without needing new filters, wasting water or drawing electricity.

Tannin Removal System

The Tannin Removal System flaunts a modular design that makes it easy to use and maintain. This water treatment system will remove tannin, hardness, iron, chlorine and more from your water. Enjoy the constant flow of clean water at any location.

Find a Solution With Star Water Systems

We designed our water softener systems for homeowners looking for a corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free system with warranties and high-quality performance. Our water softeners improve your home’s comfort daily and benefit you and your family long term. Our friendly, professional staff is happy to answer any questions you have before or after purchasing.

Clean water is softened water. Buy now at Lowe’s or visit Amazon today and start seeing the benefits of softened water in your household. You can also contact us for more information on our Water Softener products.