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4" A Series Submersible Well Pumps

4" A Series Submersible Well Pumps

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4H05A05, 4H05A07, 4H10A05, 4H10A07, 4H10A10, 4H10A15, 4H19A05, 4H19A07, 4H19A10 4" submersible well pump with stainless steel shell. Contact us for more information en nuestros productos hoy!

  • Stainless steel pump shell
  • Stainless steel motor shell and drive shaft
  • Quiet operation
  • No priming required
  • Economical operation
  • Discharge includes built-in check valve
  • Cast iron NEMA-faced mounting ring with integral suction screen
  • Stainless steel hex drive shaft with one-piece stainless steel, motor-to-shaft coupling
  • NEMA standard 2 or 3 wire motor with ground wire
  • Includes removable, internal, positive-sealing check valve
  • Non-fusing and corrosion-resistant impellers and diffusers molded of Noryl resin.

Submersible pumps are rated on the average number of gallons delivered per minute to the well head from various water level depths.

Motors used on Star submersible pumps are designed to meet NEMA standards. Pumps require a 4″ (10 cm) minimum inside well diameter.

Motor 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP
hercios 60 Hz
RPM 3450 RPM
voltios 115 V or 230 V
Fase 1 ph
Tamaño de descarga 1-1/4″
Flow UM 5, 10, 19 GPM
         151237 63        Cert Sa