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HSP Self-Priming Lawn Sprinkler Pump

HSP10P1, HSP15P1, HSP20P1 Self-priming, lawn sprinkling pump designed for lawn sprinkling, irrigation and water transfer.

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HSPJ100 Portable Lawn Sprinkler Pump

HSPJ100 Portable lawn sprinkler pump

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Residential Turf Irrigation

Using a sprinkler system is a great way to keep your lawn and flowers looking lush and healthy all season long. However, if you use a lake, pond or well for your water source, it can be hard to achieve the ideal water pressure and flow. You can correct this issue by using a sprinkler pump to create constant pressure and improve your water flow.

At Star Water Systems, we have the best lawn sprinkler pumps on the market to serve homes and lawns of any size. Explore our products today to find reliable, efficient water systems.

How Does a Lawn Sprinkler Pump Work?

A sprinkler pump moves water from a well or body of water to an in-ground irrigation system. By using a pump to water your lawn, your irrigation system will receive a steady water flow to deliver sufficient water to your grass, flowers or shrubs.

What Is the Best Lawn Sprinkler Pump for Your Home?

As you explore different pump types, some criteria to consider include:

  • Type: The type of pump that will work best for your home depends on where you will be placing it. Depending on your needs and the depth and type of your water source, you may use a pump that rests on the land nearby or one you fully submerge in the water.
  • Materials: Your lawn sprinkler pump’s durability depends on the materials utilized during construction. Strong materials such as cast iron are long-lasting and yield dependable long-lasting pump operation.
  • Horsepower: Sprinkler pumps use an internal motor to pull in and pump out water. If you need to move water over a long distance, you may wish to consider a pump with a higher level of horsepower.
  • Distance to the system: The distance from the sprinkler system to the pump is essential, and if that space is too long or short, your pump will have difficulty maintaining a steady pressure and flow rate. Before choosing a pump, measure the distance from the sprinkler system inlet to the water source.

Benefits of Our Lawn Sprinkler Pumps

Choosing a residential turf irrigation pump from Star Water Systems offers many benefits, such as enhanced sprinkler functionality and water delivery. Some of the main advantages of our water pumps include:

  • Time savings: With our pumps, you no longer need to water your lawn by hand, saving you time and effort.
  • Water conservation: Star Water Systems sprinkler pumps deliver a steady, predictable flow of water, affording greater control over how much you use.
  • Lawn appearance: Our sprinkler pumps will provide constant water flow on demand, letting you cultivate grass and other plants with a lush, vibrant appearance.

Purchase a Lawn Water Pump From Star Water Systems Today

Star Water Systems is your go-to destination for reliable sprinkler pumps. Our high-quality products deliver unmatched performance for an irrigation solution you will enjoy for years to come. Use our store locator to find a Star Water Systems retailer near you or contact us for more information on our products today!