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CS511 Portable Utility Pump

CS511 1/2 HP portable utility pump

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HPP12V Transfer Pump

HPP12V 12 V household and RV water transfer pump

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HPP360 Transfer Pump

HPP360 115 V household and RV transfer pump

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Water Transfer Pumps

If you’re looking for a versatile tool to combat moisture in your home or other residential spaces, you can’t go wrong with a water transfer pump. These all-purpose pumps can assist in tasks ranging from storm cleanup to relocating water to a storage container, allowing you to get the job done effectively with no mess.

At Star Water Systems, we are proud to offer a selection of water transfer pumps to meet your residential water needs. As your single source for home improvement and water supply products, we provide water transfer pumps you can rely on to provide long-lasting, reliable solutions.

What Is a Transfer Pump?

Transfer pumps, sometimes known as utility pumps, move water from one location to another. A transfer pump is a vital tool in many homeowner situations, such as moving water out of a water heater for repair or maintenance. Using a transfer pump can make it easier to handle many otherwise challenging tasks that involve moving water.

What Is a Transfer Pump Used For?

A residential transfer pump can move liquids from one location to another. While the design of these pumps can vary, they all create a difference in pressure to push the water from the inlet of the pump to the outlet.

For most applications, you can connect a garden hose or plastic tubing to either side of the pump. Then, place the inlet hose or tubing in the water you want to move and position the outlet hose or tubing where you want to direct the flow. Once you turn the pump on, it will begin relocating the water with no further effort on your part.

Difference Between Transfer and Sump Pumps

While transfer and sump pumps both transfer water, there are some significant differences between the two. A sump pump is a pump that discharges water to prevent flooding and other drainage issues. During operation, float switch will activate when water reaches a certain level and will discharge the water through a drainage pipe.

Additional differences between utility and sump pumps include:

  • You will typically install a sump pump at the bottom of a structure’s foundation, while you can place a utility pump at any location in or around the building.
  • A residential transfer pump is a smaller unit that allows the user to move water in various residential applications, while a sump pump works to prevent flooding in underground areas.
  • Sump pumps can cover a wide area, but utility pumps are more energy-efficient and allow targeted water removal.

Browse Water Transfer Pumps at Star Water Systems

Since the founding of Star Water Systems in 1866, we have been industry leaders in home improvement and residential water supply products. Building on our 150 years in business, we continue to manufacture long-lasting devices homeowners can rely on for their water supply needs.

Our high-quality transfer pumps will efficiently move water in and around your home to support your water management needs. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you or contact us for more information on our products today!