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4″ A Series Submersible Well Pumps

4H05A05, 4H05A07, 4H10A05, 4H10A07, 4H10A10, 4H10A15, 4H19A05, 4H19A07, 4H19A10 4" submersible well pump with stainless steel shell. Contact us for more information on our products today!

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ES05S Shallow Well Jet Pump

ESO5S 1/2 HP Premium cast iron shallow well jet pump

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JHU03S Shallow Well Jet Pump

JHU03S 1/3 HP high-volume cast iron shallow well jet pump

View Product JHU03S Shallow Well Jet Pump

JHU05 Convertible Jet Pump

JHU05 1/2 HP high-volume cast iron convertible jet pump

View Product JHU05 Convertible Jet Pump

SJ05 Convertible Jet Pump

1/2 HP Economy cast iron convertible jet pump

View Product SJ05 Convertible Jet Pump

SJ05S Shallow Well Jet Pump

SJ05S 1/2 HP economy cast iron shallow well jet pump

View Product SJ05S Shallow Well Jet Pump

Residential Water Supply

Residential water supply pumps ensure you have a reliable source of water throughout your home. At Star Water Systems, we have a wide selection of pumps available to fit your home’s water needs. With our pumps, you will enjoy benefits such as having hot water ready the moment you turn the tap and perfect water pressure to help you maintain a vibrant garden or a lush, green lawn.

What Is a Shallow Well Jet Pump?

Shallow well jet pumps are the best jet pump for homes that lack access to a city water supply. Unlike a deep or combination well jet pump, shallow well residential jet pumps can’t draw water more than 25 feet below ground level.

What Is a Submersible Well Pump?

A submersible jet pump is ideal for residences with deeper wells and must be fully submerged in water to operate. Once you turn on the pressure switch, the impeller will begin moving to push water into the pump. This water then moves to the surface and sits in a water storage tank until use.

What Is a Convertible Jet Pump?

A convertible jet pump can pull water from shallow wells with depths of 25 feet or less and deeper wells of up to 70 feet deep. Convertible well pumps rest above ground and mount to a pressure tank with a watertight seal to keep your water clean.

How Does a Jet Pump Work in a Water Well?

A jet pump functions by creating an air pressure imbalance in a similar manner to how one would suck up fluid through a straw. To begin the pumping process, you will pour water into the pump to prime it. After engaging the pump, the impellers will start spinning to move pockets of air and water. The air then enters the emergency cutoff valve to create uninterrupted low pressure to pull the groundwater up towards the surface.

Once the water reaches the pump, the narrow pipe diameter increases the rate of water flow to the venturi or widening of the pipe before it connects to your residence’s water filtration system and supply. After reaching the venturi, the water will begin to pool until the pressure increases. This high pressure causes the water to flow through your water filtration system, water heater and any open taps around your home.

Jet Pumps vs. Submersible Pumps

While jet and submersible pumps can both efficiently bring water into your home, there are a few differences between the two:

  • Jet pumps require you to prime them with water before use, while submersible pumps must be fully submerged in water to work.
  • A submersible pump pushes water upwards, while a jet pump uses suction to move water into the home.
  • Submersible pumps operate underground, while jet pumps can only operate at the surface of your well.

Purchase a Pump for Your Home From Star Water Systems

Since 1866, Star Water Systems has provided homeowners with high-quality, efficient residential water supply products. We manufacture reliable, innovative water movement devices you can trust to supply water throughout your home.

Find a retailer near you to browse our residential water supply solutions or contact us for more information on our products today!