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Well Pumps

Well Pumps

Clean Water at Your Fingertips

Well Pumps

Well pumps are the unsung heroes of residential plumbing systems. These water delivery devices allow you to use all of your most essential home appliances, from sinks to toilets to washing machines. Though most homeowners are familiar with home well water pumps, not everyone knows the different types of pumps or the benefits of installing these tools into your water systems.

Star Water Systems is your go-to destination for high-quality well pumps. We carry pumps of all models, along with the water tanks and well pump parts to accompany them. No matter what you’re looking for, you can rely on our inventory of durable and efficient products.





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What Is a Well Pump?

A well pump is the part of your pressure tank system that takes water from nearby underground reservoirs and sends it to the plumbing in your house for everyday use. In addition to transporting water into your home, these devices also maintain water pressure and ensure that the air and water within the plumbing system remain separated.

There are three types of well water pumps that you can use for your home, each with its own design structure and operational methods. The different types of well pumps we have for sale include:

  • Shallow well pumps: These above-ground pumps draw water from a single inlet pipe and are used for wells less than 25 feet deep.
  • Convertible jet pumps: Jet pumps are also above-ground but are suited for wells 25 to 110 feet deep. These pumps draw water from one pipe and push it out of another using atmospheric pressure.
  • Submersible well pumps: These underground well pumps operate through a single pipe that extends from the well to the house, connecting to a pressure tank. Submersible pumps sit in the well casing, are submerged in water and are best suited for wells ranging from 90 to 400 feet deep.
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Benefits, Features and Capabilities of Home Well Pumps

When you invest in well water pumps from Star Water Systems, you’ll enjoy various innovative features and advanced capabilities that will optimize your water supply while providing you with long-lasting value.


Home well pumps source water directly to your residence and come with various benefits that you can’t get with city water, including:

  • Cleaner water supply: City water typically contains chemicals and metals that can affect water taste and even damage your fixtures. Well water is cleaner, fresher and better-tasting than city water.
  • No limitations: There are no limits to what you can do with your water supply, meaning you can use it for any application — from car washing to drinking to bathing.

Features and Capabilities

Our well pumps and tank systems come equipped with many state-of-the-art features that’ll serve you for years to come.

Submersible Well Pumps

We carry submersible well pumps with sturdy, efficient components for value and convenience:

  • Stainless steel shell and driveshaft
  • Quiet and economical operation
  • Built-in check valve
  • Corrosion-resistant impellers and diffusers
  • No priming requirements

Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Our shallow well jet pumps allow users to enjoy these advanced features:

  • Cast iron construction
  • Thermal overload protection against overheating
  • Priming port for easier priming
  • Capacitor start motor with maximum starting torque
  • Ejector and pressure switch for easy installation

Convertible Jet Pumps

With a convertible jet pump in your home, you’ll reap the benefits of:

  • Thermal overload protection for overheating prevention
  • Sturdy cast iron construction
  • Adaptable motors for easy servicing
  • Quick and reliable priming
  • Easy-change voltage switch
  • Long-life TEFC motor

Why Choose Star Water Systems for Home Well Pumps?

When you purchase products at Star Water Systems, you can expect quality and dependability from a trusted provider. We’ve delivered durable, high-performing water pumps since our establishment in 1866, and we’re still committed to quality over 150 years later.

As your single source for sump pumps, water tanks, irrigation pumps, water softeners, water filters and more, we ensure you can find any product to serve your water delivery needs.

Find Reliable Jet Pumps for Sale From Star Water Systems Today

If you’re in search of water well pumps for sale that set the standard for dependability and efficiency, look no further than Star Water Systems. With our wide inventory of over a dozen residential pumps, water tanks and pump parts, you can always find exactly what you need.

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